04 August 2005

New Hair!

Well, I did it and it's done! I think it looks great, but I haven't done the styling myself yet :P The salon was VERY nice, of course. While I was driving there I thought to myself "Im sure I'll see one of my students/ex-students there". Well, sure enough, 2 girls that graduated last year worked there as receptionists! Anyways...

I got my smock on and sat down with a nice glass of lemon-water as I waited for my colorist. She came out and took me over to a line of chairs facing a wall with flat-screen tvs on it. The tvs were showing make-overs :) This was the coloring station. It was interesting to me that there were no mirrors here. I guess they don't want you to see yourself with a head full of foil and dye stuff.

Anyways, my colorist Monica came out and I told her I wanted highlights, but whatever she thought might look good. So we agreed on "warm" highlights and we also had to dye the rest of my hair brown to get rid of the yucky CVS color I put in 8 months ago. So, she began to foil...
"Do you live around here?", Monica asked. I explained that I lived about 2 minutes away and proceeded to explain where are street is. "What's the name of the street?" I told her. "I live on that street!" So, my colorist lives 3 houses up on the right! She lives with her parents and has lived here all her life. For the rest of the color treatment she gave me the scoop on all our neighbors. What a small world!

After drying under a dryer and perusing several magazines I received the best hairwashing I've ever had, done by Claire. It lasted about 15 minutes and was awesome. She even asked me if I wanted my feet reclined! (I said no)

Enter Brooke, hairstylist supreme. Tall, thin, short blond stylish hair, she could be a model. She was very excited about attacking my shoulder-length hair. I told her I wanted easy to manage, shape, and style. She cut it all one length shorter and then went to work on the layering.... amazing really... much different than SuperCuts. After cutting, she styled and styled and I paid close attention so I could try to replicate it here at home (won't happen). All she used was a round brush and a blowdryer, and voila! C'est fini...


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