02 August 2005


Let me just tell you a little about the history of my hair. When I was little my hair was short and curly with a perm, given by my mom. As I got older, I had a little more say in my hair-do but still continued to get perms as per the advice of my mom. Middle school- awful 80s cuts, usually permed, trying to be Madonna. In high school I yearned to have long hair but did not have the patience. I tried many different cuts, colors, curliness, but never long. In college I continued with my experimentation with hair styles, dying, highlighting, cutting myself, etc. But again, never long. Finally, after graduation from college and as life got busier, my hair got longer. No more perms either. Well, I did get one perm with longer hair, but regretted it and hated waiting for it to grow out.

I have been growing my hair pretty much from that time until last year. Before I got my hair cut to my shoulders last fall, my hair was all one length, brown, to the middle of my back. When I cut it to my shoulders, I dyed it myself auburn, and that's the look I have now, except not so auburn since the dye has faded/grown out.

Every single time I've gotten my hair cut that I remember has been at a SuperCuts quality place- Hair Cuttery, Holiday, Super Cuts, etc. - all the same - cheap haircut place. So, today, I decided that I'm going to take my all one length brown shoulder-length hair to a fancy schmancy salon and see what they come up with. I just got off the phone and I'm going tomorrow at 5 for a color consultation and cut! Wish me luck!

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