01 August 2005

A healthy baby boy at Burger King

Today I took Benjamin for his 2 year medical checkup. Overall, he's healthy and growing great - Yay! He was a good boy in the office until the doctor came in the little room. He was ok at first but once he started touching him the volume rose a few notches. Overall he was great though, and no shots!

Afterwards I took him to Burger King for lunch - they have a huge indoor playground/climbing thing. We ate first - I got him a chicken nuggets kids meal. He ate the fries, I ate the chicken. Well, I should say, he ate the ketchup. He loves to dip the fries in the ketchup and then suck the ketchup off, over and over. The fry usually never gets eaten. Instead, it gets discarded into the container and a crunchier fry takes its place as ketchup utensil :P

After we ate, we checked out the playground/climbing Benjamintrap. It is designed so children can climb up and get stuck up there. It is also designed to be too small for parents to fit up inside it comfortably. Needless to say, but Benjamin happily climbed up the steps inside it, got scared, and "forgot" how to turn around and climb back down. He was inside it standing at the top looking at me through this small hole, holding his arms out to me. I tried to coax him down but no go. So up I go, climbing up inside this thing that's too small for me to climb in. But up I went and I got him. He was happy to see me but still too scared to go back down. It was a bit of a struggle but we made it! I think I'll skip Burger King next time :P

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