22 February 2008

Post PETE & C

I don't know about you, but I'm still in an overwhelming fog of WHOA that I got from PETE & C. It is absolutely a great place to be, but as always, it leaves me thinking about all there is out there to learn and wondering where I am going to find the time to learn it all. Not only that, but I know that my teachers are feeling the same exact way, but worse - they still have to teach full time, in a brand-new way. So not only do I have to wade through the notes, resources, links and cool things I learned, but I have to slowly disseminate them to the CFF teachers in my school. Although I would love them all to check out every great new resource I find, I also still have to understand that they have lesson plans to make, grading to do, and so forth. In an effort to consolidate information for the CFF team at my school I have decided to create both a weekly podcast and a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. It is my hope that the CFF team begins to rely on these updates as they move forward this semester.