31 July 2005

Summer Vacation

So, since I decided to have this blog and if I want there to be stuff here, I actually have to post, here goes....

So, I'm a teacher and I get my summers, well 8 weeks, off. "Off" is such a peculiar word because yes, I'm not getting up every morning and going to a workplace. But, although I am not in my classroom teaching everyday, I am quite occupied with thinking about school, dreaming about school, contemplating new projects, planning new lessons, etc. I am a teacher 12 months out of the year for sure, and after 9 years now, I really do look forward to going back to school in August (remember when it was September??)

Another reason I am not "off" - Medievia. We are working very hard this summer to get some new life into the game. Dubbed "The Summer of Medievia V", we are in the throes of releasing new programming, new adventures, a new website, and a lot of new work! I have been busy all summer, hours a day, trying to market the game. I have no experience with PR or marketing, but I do pretty well. I also serve as the head cheerleader for the game, getting players motivated enough to vote for us and donate to the game they love.

Benjamin is a full time job himself :) He has just turned 2, so he is go go go go go all the time. He has decided not to nap more days this week than he has actually napped. Needless to say, it is difficult working, well, doing anything, with a 2 year old around. He plays very well by himself but he needs mommy lots! But, since he is my beloved cutie, he gets all the time he wants.

Summer vacation is more than half over now and although when Mike asked me the other day if I was looking forward to going back to work I said "no", I'm starting to get more motivated :) I redid my Madame Krause website the other day and although it's not wonderful, I like the new design lots. I've also started thinking about going back and getting units reoganized and new ideas for projects. Like it or not, the last week of August is almost here and I have to be ready!

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