31 August 2007


Over the past few weeks, especially the last 3 days, I am finding myself going through a professional transition. I am no longer just a French teacher who uses technology in her courses. I am now a French teacher who is quickly (too quickly!) becoming a leader in the area of technology in education and professional development. My colleagues are now coming to me with technology questions and not just the World Language department members. Teachers school-wide are approaching me and wanting me to help with their transition in becoming a proficient 21st century educator.

I just received word that my school district will receive double the funding expected through Pennsylvania's Classrooms for the Future Grant. I have already been identified as the person who will be the Coach for the district. That means that I will now be supporting double the teachers, students, and amount of equipment than expected. I will also be a full time teacher for the first semester. I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Now I know how the teachers in my district feel! They are also going through transitions. Each educator in my district was just handed a beautiful new macbook 3 days ago. Then, they were introduced to our new district Moodle and instructed briefly on how to join and begin using it. Then, they were trained on a new Student Information System and grade book that they are expected to use right now. Then, they have me present an hour on Web 2.o and its importance in today's schools. Whether they want to or not, they are going to make transitions they don't yet even know about, and, I'm the one they will go to for help and guidance.

I worry about how much time I will have for my courses and my students, not to mention my family! I think this year will be chock-full of transitions for everyone in my life: colleagues, friends, family, students and especially me. But, I am so excited I can't wait!

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