22 July 2007

I'm back!

And I'm determined to blog like I've never blogged before! I just returned from the most enlightening 4 days of my life, as an educator but also as a person. The Keystones Technology Integrator's Summit was the inspiration for my new wikispace and for me to realize that what I'm doing is important and that I have an obligation to share my knowledge with the world. I will be adding my thoughts as an educator as well as personal stuff on a more regular basis, I hope!

Stay tuned later today as I put down my thoughts about the summit. I'll leave you with a video that has changed the way I think about teaching in the 21st century...

Video created by Kristin Hokanson.

1 comment:

Kristin Hokanson said...

I am so thrilled to see you making such great use of all that you learned. You have a strong system of support in your district...so you can do a world of good with your skills and energy. Will be looking forward to reading your thoughts and reflections