30 July 2005

It's all about the Links

I've created this blog mainly as a place where I can post the links to websites I've created and also websites that belong to family members, friends, etc.

Here's what the links are:

  • Medievia ~ Medievia is the game that my husband Mike and I run. Medievia is a multiplayer online text based role-playing game that has been in development since 1991. Do you Dare Enter?

  • The Country Deli ~ The website for the restaurant that my dad & stepmom own and that my sister and bro-n-law help run. I used to work there! :)

  • Benjamin's Page ~ This is the site that I created for my 2 year old son Benjamin.

  • Madame Krause Site ~ This is the site that I use for my students and their parents at Wissahickon High School. I just redid the whole site a few days ago!

  • Soleil's Sun Spot ~ This is my personal website that has links to pictures of me, my husband Mike, our animals, our wedding, etc.

  • The Learning Potential of MUDs ~ This is the website of my Master's Thesis that I did on MUDs

  • Vote for Medievia ~ Click here to vote for Medievia :)

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